What Does It Take to Start a Virtual Assistant Work From Home Business?

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Are you ready to launch your own successful business so you can stay home with your kids or work from wherever there is wifi? Or maybe you just want some extra cash – this is the way to do it!

You may have already trawled through the internet looking for advice, but I hope to add a new perspective on what it takes to actually starting a business and scaling it.

Many people believe that you need to have a degree in marketing, business or journalism before you can be a virtual assistant, but that may be holding you back.

If you’re struggling with getting past the idea that you “can’t” start a business, this is the place for you.

Ready to dive into a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into working for yourself?

Always Remember: It’s Only Hard Because It’s New

If you’ve been finding yourself reflecting on how your lack of college degree is holding you back, you may want to challenge that thought.

Ask yourself, why do I think I don’t have the skills and who benefits from that?

The only things you need to start this for yourself are:

  • Belief in yourself that you can learn
  • Someone to give you a step-by-step system
  • The ability to use prior life and work experience to determined your skill set as a Virtual Assistant

My Routine When I Started My Business

I am happy to say that I have created a very successful business for myself, and my routine when I first started directly influenced my ability to get it off the ground.

A day in my life looks a little like this:

  • Morning: I set an early alarm so I could spend an hour every morning doing the logistics of setting up my business
  • Went to my 9-5: and kept thinking about the day I would get to quit to stay home with my boys
  • Evening: Dinner and another few hours working on my business or looking for job opportunities

By time blocking and being disciplined to do the things I needed for my business to start, I was setting myself up for success.

How is your routine helping you with your dream or goal?

Don’t be afraid to change up your routine – if you want a business, you will have to dedicate some time into starting, but I PROMISE – it’s so worth it.

So, start thinking about the times in your day when you can carve out your time ((if you’re sitting here thinking “I have no time” I promise you do! Get up early, stay up late, take a sick day or two from your 9-5. You can do this.

Never Let People’s Opinions Hold You Back

Your grandma means well when she says that you should stick with your job and not start something like this, but it’s another thing that’s holding you back.

When I first started I took the opinions of my family to heart way too much. It brought me down and made me second guess my decision to start this business. Your grandma probably doesn’t know about the insane opportunity the internet holds and was brought up with the mentality of working in your job and retiring ((or quitting to be a stay at home mom)). But with the insane costs of childcare, groceries, rent and mortgage, it’s not a luxury most of us can have…

So, instead, look for experts or guidance.

You Need Discipline.

Now, just because you currently don’t have experience being a virtual assistant, doesn’t mean you can’t be one.

This does mean you need to sit down and think about the skills you have and what you like doing before you can start], but it’s not that hard, I know you can do it!

For example, you can use your previous experience as a teacher to start ghostwriting, or copywriting. You can use your organizational skills to help people organize their inbox or schedule meetings

  • Sit down for an hour and think about all of the skills you have and what you like doing. 

& To make it easier I crafted a list of 47+ different things you could offer as a VA… FOR FREE (really free) Grab that here and circle the ones you might be interested in doing!

Use it to ge those wheels turning!

Click here to download 47+ Work From Home Ideas

Wrapping it up! 

To start a Virtual Assistant Work From Home business, all you need is self-belief, a step-by-step system, and the ability to leverage your prior life and work experience to determine your skill set. The key is to overcome self-doubt, establish a disciplined routine, and not let others’ opinions hold you back, recognizing that the internet offers significant opportunities.

If you start with the steps here in this post? 

You are well on your way to having that work from anywhere business you dream of.

Remember, you can download my checklist to help you think about the skills you want to promote right here.

Click here to download 47+ WFH Ideas >>

I hope this post has been helpful!

Any questions? Comment below or shoot me a DM on Instagram and check out my entire story.

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