What Are Keywords and Why Are They Important for Instagram Growth?

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Look, I know you’re not new to Instagram, but sometimes when you delve deeply into something, you lose track of the finer details of growing your business.

Next thing you know, you’re too embarrassed to ask for advice. 

Don’t worry, that’s what this article and I are for. 

I will explain Keywords and my method for big Instagram growth and why you need to know all about it to make money from your instagram.

What are Instagram Keywords?

At its most basic, keywords help your content get seen by the people that need it the most.

Let’s add a little more depth to that—utilizing keywords in your Instagram content enhances the platform’s content categorization, leading to better search results. By being descriptive in your captions ((and yes, hashtags still work)), you increase the likelihood of your content appearing as suggested and relevant in user searches.

And finally, for those subject matter experts among you, Instagram keywords play a pivotal role in optimizing content discoverability on the platform by facilitating a sophisticated categorization system. When you meticulously integrate relevant keywords into your captions and leverage strategic hashtag usage, you go beyond surface-level visibility. Instead, you tap into Instagram’s intricate algorithms, enhancing the probability of your content being suggested in search results that align precisely with user interests. In essence, this strategic utilization of keywords elevates your content’s prominence, ensuring it resonates with users actively seeking content in your niche. It’s a nuanced approach to content optimization that not only boosts visibility but also positions your posts as valuable and relevant contributions within the expansive Instagram landscape.

If you’re only at the first level of understanding, rest assured, you will master them in no time.

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Why Should You Care About Keywords?

I’m all about making up your own mind, and I can’t make you care about keywords, but let me give you some compelling reasons to make it a part of your strategy.

Keywords are important because:

  • They help your content make you money
  • They help the people looking for your content, find it easily
  • They help Instagram understand your content better. This increases the chances of your posts being featured on the explore page, in suggested content, and within niche-specific feeds, boosting overall visibility.

Important: Don’t think that just adding in random keywords or hashtags at the end of  a caption is going to work for this.

The truth is, you need to incorporate them INTO the caption.

Keywords in Context 

How Instagram affects your business is just as important as understanding what exactly Keywords are and why they are essential.

Let me give you a real-world example:

Consider a lifestyle influencer focusing on sustainable living and eco-friendly products. Without strategic use of keywords, their Instagram content might be lost in the vast sea of posts. However, by incorporating relevant keywords in their captions and hashtags, several crucial growth aspects come into play:

1- Audience Engagement:

  • By using specific keywords related to their niche, the influencer attracts followers genuinely interested in sustainable living. Users actively searching for content on eco-friendly practices are more likely to discover and engage with posts that align with their interests.

2- Visibility:

  • Instagram’s algorithm recognizes the relevance of the influencer’s content to the sustainable living community. As a result, the algorithm promotes their posts to users interested in similar topics, increasing the likelihood of appearing in explore pages and suggested content feeds.

3- Brand Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Brands and companies within the sustainable and eco-friendly space often scout for influencers who align with their values. By consistently using keywords associated with this niche, the influencer increases their chances of being discovered by such brands. This opens doors to collaboration opportunities, sponsored content, and further growth through partnerships.

You can see that the strategic use of keywords not only boosts visibility among the target audience but also creates opportunities for collaboration and community building, essential elements for sustained Instagram growth in a specific niche.

I applied this keyword strategy for my client and she was able to grow 50k followers in 5 months and get results like I posted above. 

[#] Tips for [Concept] 

Raise your hand if you are still feeling lost. Be honest! 🙋‍♀️

That’s no problem; here are some extra hints and tips to get you on your way:

  • Tip #1: Go to the instagram explore page, type what your niche is, and see what pops up. Check out the captions of those posts and grab keywords from there.
  • Tip #2: I like these 4 free online tools specifically to find Keywords. Try Ubersuggest or Semrush to help you find keywords people are looking up. Answerthepublic is another great tool that helps to discover actual questions people are asking in search engines, and Pinterest makes it easy with colored word bubbles that pop up after you type a main term into the search bar.
  • Tip #3: Type up your caption as normal and then go ask ChatGPT for some help. Here is a prompt for you: “Please put these keywords in the caption at the end: [insert the keywords you found here], then add some spaces and paste your caption in. BAM, a keyword-rich caption that was still written by you.
  • Tip #4: Go through my Instagram Springboard Course, it will teach you allll about making money through your instagram. You get all of my top strategies for setting up the ‘top of funnel’ aka your Instagram page, are in here. Implement and you’ll be getting those inquiries on repeat. 

For an in-depth look at Instagram Sales, you can read this: What does it take to make sales on Instagram? [link to blog post 1]

Key Takeaways

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? The key takeaways to remember from this post are the importance of keywords on Instagram for business growth and how you can use them to gain more visibility from ideal audiences.

At Amplify Instagram, I make it my mission to help you Set your Instagram up for ‘she’s the one’ first impressions and speedy post-’gram-stalking sales 

If you would like to learn more, please DM me on instagram @insta.amplified. I love hearing from readers!

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