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The Insta Springboard

Set your Instagram up for ‘she’s the one’ first impressions and speedy post-’gram-stalking sales.

So much content. So little reward.

Be consistent. Post value. Don’t stop, you HAVE to keep creating. The echoes of social media world can be loud. And when you’re doing all of the right things but feel like IG growth is a synonym for rocket science– it can feel demoralizing. 

You’d love to bring in a strategist who can get you notable growth that matters (sales > followers) but you’re not in a position where you can do that, yet. And at the same time, you know you’re a rockstar and when given tools that work, you can implement and do the damn thing. 

Bring in the Springboard. Because all of my top strategies for setting up the ‘top of funnel’ aka your Instagram page, are in here. Implement and you’ll be getting those inquiries on repeat.

What happens when your foundations are rock-solid, not rocky.

You realize you’re 100% ready to go all in on your biggest Instagram growth goals

You have the EXACT steps I use for creating Instagram funnels that convert traffic to followers to customers

You start seeing your metrics shoot up (and yep, sales is def on that list)

No one comes onto your page and bounces because they’re thinking ‘eh, idk what’s going on or can this woman help me’

You’re prepped for creating a simple strategy that actually brings results instead of roping you into a content creation hamster wheel that feels endless + ineffective

Jump off the high dive

And nail those foundations with The Insta Springboard

A mini-course jam-packed with strategic action steps for upping your ‘gram game and, of course, prepping your profile for growth.

What’s cooking, ‘gram lookin’

Inside, you’ll be concocting (with data-backed ingredients) a foundational stew that makes your IG simmer with leads while you’re getting some much needed Zzzzzs 

Because if you always have to be on your phone to make sales, we need change.

In the course, you’ll be:

Optimizing your profile picture and handle, pulling people in from the first touchpoint with your page

Rewriting your bio, because a *spicy* one does wonders for that hell yes impression

Making your profile searchable so people who want you right now, find you

Creating a freebie and email funnel to ensure those who are vibing with your ‘gram profile have a tangible next step to go deeper into your world

Getting serious about your highlights, pinned posts, and story slides because a consistent feed that gives value, packs punch, gives the people what they wanna know, and shows off your best side is the new standard around here.

It’s all in there

In 3, 2, 1…they hopped off of the springboard

Did you know that I was a teacher?

I’m no stranger to creating lessons that people can actually digest, implement, and start seeing wins right away. By boiling down what I do for big creators– you get the nothing-held-back version of this knowledge for a fraction of the price.

And on that note

Hi, I’m Nicole

I wish I could say I popped out of the womb as a social media maven who mastered this whole business thing, making sales off the ‘gram in my sleep. But lol…no. 

From an overworked VA with 6 clients and less than $1K a month in recurring revenue to a delulu hardworker who figured out how to make IG the solulu – I created a social media funnel that had people knocking on my online door to work with me. 

So I did this for my clients. Then for my students. Then, before I knew it, I had a repeatable process for creating content that converts on IG. 

And even though I work with the big creators, I believe growth, profit, and success should be available to every entrepreneur with passion, a dream, and an ‘I’m F–ing doing this’ work ethic. Because you using IG to create a business that powers your dream life is what we’re about to do together.

Who It’s For

This is for you, if:

You’re newer to marketing your business on Instagram or you’ve been at it for a while and you’re not achieving those results that you crave.

You don’t want to spend money on ads, but you def want to come close or pass potential paid reach with organic marketing

You’re ready to get off the IG hamster wheel and be confident that your page is set up to turn posts into profit.

Feel aligned with your Instagram page. Your ideal client will feel it too.

Let’s Do It

By grabbing The Insta Springboard course, you’ll get:

Lifetime Access to all 7 modules

Post and story templates for highlights and pinned posts

An action-packed workbook to fully commit to implementing this strategy

BONUS: A lesson on creating a list-building freebie

Investment: $47

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included when I buy this course?

- Entire strategy I use to get me and my clients booked up on Instagram
- Foundations module
- Visibility Module
- Enticing Bio module
- Highlights Module
- Pinned Posts Module
- Creating a Freebie and building your email list module
- Workbook
- Canva pinned post, highlights, and highlight cover image templates

I’ve already been using IG for years now, is this still relevant?

Short answer. YES. Long answer. Peep below. 

It amazes me that very large creators don’t have their profile set up in a way that drives traffic to get on their email list or buy. Because posting on the ‘gram is fun, but waking up to people who KNOW they want you– that’s a daily party. 

My students see a DRASTIC improvement in followers and sales after implementing this. Why?

- Instagram has become its own search engine, and making sure we are showing up to the right people is essential for business growth
- With the addition of highlights and pinned posts, I find that a lot of businesses don’t know how to utilize this real estate to drive sales most effectively. So I’m going to show you.
-We have 10 seconds from the time someone lands on our page for them to decide if they should follow, get a freebie, buy something, or leave. That's it. Let’s make sure they say yes to the first 3

Do I get any 1:1 support when I buy this offer?

Due to the price point of this offer there is no 1:1 support, but if you’re looking for more coaching there’s always an option to add that on!

I have more questions, how can I reach out?

IG, duh 🙂 shoot me a DM - @insta.amplified

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