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Has your Instagram Growth Hit a wall??

Finding something difficult doesn’t mean that you give up.

Perhaps you haven’t found that one approach you need to master to achieve the Instagram Account of your dreams. Where people are excited to follow you and you easily make money just from the content you’re putting out.

Lucky for you, I’m here to teach you all about mastering the content your future followers want to see.

Grab your emotional support water bottle and dive on in with me, babes.

First, what is this Approach?

If you find that your current content is performing okay for your current followers but not enticing new people to press that follow button, you might be missing relatable outreach content. Have you heard of relatable content before? It’s no problem if you haven’t.

In most simple terms, relatable content is the content that makes your ideal followers say “oh my gosh this is so me”.

For those of us who have been in social media and instagram marketing for a while, you know this means NOT relatable for us and where we are at but rather relatable for our idea clients and future followers.

Once you master this, your content will start to ATTRACT the exact people that will eventually buy from you – how cool!

It’s also good to know that:

  • Relatable content is some of the most fun content I get to create
  • Once you figure out relatable content for your niche, this will become the fastest for you to make
  • This should NOT be the only type of content you should be posting – it’s just one I see missed a lot

How I Started Using Relatable Content to Grow My Clients ((and my own)) Instagram Accounts

Not to humblebrag, but you may look at me, and my business and think, “She’s one to talk about struggling with Instagram Growth.”

But 4 years ago, I was just like you. I was posting all of the time with no strategy just hoping my IG would take off and I wouldn’t have to work so dang hard to make sales anymore.

Then, I found my relatability approach, and it changed me and my business and IG by:

  • Having clients and customers reach out TO ME ((no more searching for them))
  • Not having to rely on paid ads anymore
  • Finding the FUN in my business again

5 Actionable Steps to Implement The Relatability Approach Today

You know how the relatability approach works now, but maybe you’re struggling to see how you can make it work for you.

Try this:

  • #1: Go talk with your ideal clients and customers. What are they struggling with? What are annoyances for them? WRITE THESE DOWN IN THEIR OWN WORDS
  • #2: Try Remixing gif style reels, utilizing CapCut or creating meme posts that poke a little fun at your future follower, but be sure to caption it like it’s YOU struggling with it.. Here is a great example that we did for one of my clients… notice how she uses the word “me” even though she doesn’t struggle with anxiety that badly anymore.


  • #3: Try an acting out style of reel where you relate to your audience… here’s two that I did. I still relate to haha, but you get the idea. Just click on them to take you to the reel

  • #4: Grab my $17 year of content ideas for ideas for relatable, educational, motivational and promotional posts
  • #5: Do not make THIS BIG MISTAKE… don’t make fun of your audience by saying something like “I hate it when clients ask me to__” it belittles them and makes them feel bad… this type of content might be relatable to YOU or others in your niche but it is not nice to your audience. Here’s an example. This meme we did for a client that is an interior design business coach, so she wants to be relatable to interior designers… BUT if you were an interior designer, you would NOT want to post something like this.

I dare you to pick out even just one of the above steps and do it before you stop work for the day.

Do you see the comment section below? Let me know which step you plan on doing first. Join the convo and share your own successes or struggles with the community!

Good job on making it to the end of this post! That type of commitment shows that you will have that Instagram community you’re dreaming of in no time!

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