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"What The F Do I Post?"

No more stress. An entire year of content, pre-planned for you.

12-Month Digital & Printable
Content Calendar...
for $17

327 content prompts ((and counting)). I am constantly adding more to this spreadsheet and it will have 2 FULL years of content prompts done by mid-2024. Grab this insane deal before the price goes up.

What it is:

Printable Monthly Content Calendar: Print out your month, put it on your desk - no more guessing what you're going to post!

Fillable Spreadsheet: So you can add more, move things around, and plan out the type of content for each prompt.

Prompts for Posts, carousels, reels AND stories

BONUS: my favorite CTAs Calls to action that get your audience to do something!

If you're confused or too busy to think about what to post on social media?

Let Us Wipe That Mental Load Clean for You.

If your mental capacity is wiped from the 100 other things you have to do with a baby in your arms – Grab these ideas to power a 3-5x per week posting schedule, you can check off this post on IG to-do in under 5 minutes each day.

What People Are Saying...

And on that note

Hi, I’m Nicole

I wish I could say I popped out of the womb as a social media maven who mastered this whole business thing, making sales off the ‘gram in my sleep. But lol…no. 

From an overworked VA with 6 clients and less than $1K a month in recurring revenue to a delulu hardworker who figured out how to make IG the solulu – I created a social media funnel that had people knocking on my online door to work with me. 

So I did this for my clients. Then for my students. Then, before I knew it, I had a repeatable process for creating content that converts on IG. 

And even though I work with the big creators, I believe growth, profit, and success should be available to every entrepreneur with passion, a dream, and an ‘I’m F–ing doing this’ work ethic. Because you using IG to create a business that powers your dream life is what we’re about to do together.

Who It’s For

This is for you, if:

You’re busy, like really busy. And the thought of creating content for Instagram makes you cringe.

You’re stuck constantly looking at other people’s content with nothing to show for yourself.

You’re ready to create a real presence on Instagram but don’t want to think of what to post every week.

Feel aligned with your Instagram page. Your ideal client will feel it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this REALLY just a one-time cost?

YES!! I don't know if it will always be offered for this price but I want you to have access to GOOD, QUALITY content ideas for super cheap. The lifetime access is my fav part!

Do I get any 1:1 support when I buy this offer?

Due to the price point of this offer there is no 1:1 support, but if you’re looking for more coaching there’s always an option to add that on!

I have more questions, how can I reach out?

IG, duh 🙂 shoot me a DM - @insta.amplified

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