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I wish I could say I popped out of the womb as a social media maven who mastered this whole business thing, making sales off the ‘gram in my sleep. But lol…no.

From an overworked VA with 6 clients and less than $1K a month in recurring revenue to a delulu hardworker who figured out how to make IG the solulu – I created a social media funnel that had people knocking on my online door to work with me. 

So I did this for my clients. Then for my students. Then, before I knew it, I had a repeatable process for creating content that converts on IG. 

And even though I work with the big creators, I believe growth, profit, and success should be available to every entrepreneur with passion, a dream, and an ‘I’m F–ing doing this’ work ethic. 

Because using IG to create a business that powers your dream life is what we’re about to do together.

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